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Parent Support Group

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Join the Parent Support Group and Make a Difference!

We would like to sincerely thank our wonderful PSG (Parent Support Group) group for all they do for our QSIB community!  The Popcorn Fridays are a huge success, and everyone is looking forward to those delicious treats at the end of the week. For new parents in our community, the PSG is a group of parents who continually volunteer their time and efforts to provide students, teachers, and parents with activities and events throughout the school year. The goal of the PSG at QSIB is to make the learning environment the best possible place of the students. To achieve this goal, the PSG will:
1. Work to enhance communication among parents as well as between parents and the school.
2. Organize educational and social events for QSIB students and/or the school community.
3. Assist classroom educators in ways that allow for more efficient and productive use of classroom management time.
4. Enrich the regular classroom curriculum.
5. Promote fund-raising events in order to purchase items or services the school might not easily obtain.
6. Develop events that encourage student involvement and understanding of the local community or host country.
The PSG has also been responsible for many school and community activities during the school year. These activities have included the Family Movie Night, Popcorn Fridays, Teacher Appreciation Weeks, Earth Day Fun Runs, and Book Exchange during the Literacy Evening. Students, teachers and parents have enjoyed each and every one of these events. These events take a lot of planning and work by PSG members. The PSG has been instrumental in contributing to the school community by providing all of these wonderful events and activities. We greatly appreciate all of the extra time and effort on their part.

The PSG committee is looking for parent volunteers to join the Parent Support Group. Any help would be appreciated. Please email if you would like to add your name to the volunteer list for PSG. Thank you for your consideration.