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Greetings from QSI International School of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan!

It’s my honor to welcome you as the Director of QSI International School of Bishkek. This is my fourth year at QSI Bishkek and my second as Director.

The QSI International School of Bishkek is an independent, coeducational school providing courses for students from 3 years old through secondary school. We’ve been providing the expatriate community and local families unparalleled primary and secondary educational opportunities since 1994. A proud member of Quality Schools International, QSIB is internationally accredited, and belongs to the Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) and the Central Asia Federation of Athletics, Activities and Arts (CAFA).

At QSIB, we believe that every student comes to school eager to learn, and it is our mission to keep this innate desire alive and thriving. We strive to accomplish this goal through our Mastery Learning and Performance-Based Education (PBE) methods, as well as through our Success Orientations program. At QSIB, students are placed by age groups into the settings in which they can optimally reach their full potential. QSIB’s experienced and qualified teachers work diligently to ensure that every child is appropriately challenged, supported, and engaged in the classroom and other activities. Our Mastery Learning educational system is regarded by many as the most student-centered educational and effective pedagogical model in use today.

QSIB seeks to develop its students’ potential beyond academics. QSI’s Success Orientations are a character development approach that emphasizes Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Kindness & Politeness, Independent Endeavor, Aesthetic Appreciation, Group Interaction, and Concern for Others. This is another way in which faculty members are dedicated to your child reaching their full potential.

In addition to my teaching duties, last year, I served as Academic Coordinator, advising students, and providing support to fellow teachers in curriculum and professional development. I was also involved in institutional development, leading the international accreditation renewal process.

I’ve loved teaching at the QSI International School of Bishkek and am excited to serve the QSIB community in my new role. I’m looking forward to building on our past success with a focus on what we do best—developing student’s love of learning, helping young people reach their potential, and providing the best international education in Bishkek.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a visit or to learn more about the school.


Warm regards,

Sergio Solis

Director, Mr. Sergio Solis